Last weekend my family and I went to a city park to walk around. Someone told us to leave saying we weren’t allowed to be there. That got me thinking. Are the parks really closed? Are we not allowed to be there?

This gave me an idea! I called Roseburg Parks and Recreation, and spoke to Kris Ammerman about it.

I asked him if the Roseburg city parks were open.

Ammerman said, “Yes, the city parks are available for use by the public.”

He added, “But, the sports courts, restrooms, and play structures are not.”

Then I asked for any other tips about going to the park, and he replied, “We discourage group gatherings and you should maintain social distancing to stay safe and healthy.”

Thanks to Kris Ammerman, program manager for Roseburg Parks and Recreation, for letting me know where I can go out and get exercise during this crazy time!