Fremont FBLA Digs into Community Service

Fremont FBLA members collect dirt to plant trees around the area on Saturday. Fremont Middle School’s Future Business Leaders of America were among many community members that showed up to volunteer at The Stewart Park Nature Area ponds, better known as the Duck Pond, last Saturday. Ryan Finlay of Roseburg Tracker said over thirty local Continue Reading

The Duck Pond Rebranding-The Stewart Park Nature Area

Pond closest to Fred Meyer near sunset, filled with birds on Wednesday. The Stewart Park Nature Area is being remodeled.  “The area is getting a facelift including the new kiosk and additional educational signs to promote healthier (preferably no) feeding by the public. In coordination with these improvements the park maintenance staff is also making Continue Reading

Vaux’s Swifts Hindered by Smoke, Still Try to Migrate

The skies above the Clay Place chimney have been filled with smoke since Tuesday, greatly affecting the migration journey of the Vaux’s swifts.  Normally, at this time, thousands of swifts would be occupying the chimney nightly to rest and keep warm as they migrate from North America to Central America. However, due to the heavy Continue Reading