Due to school closures, kids are riding their bikes around Roseburg more often than usual. This is a great way to get exercise, but not everybody knows how to ride a bike responsibly and safely. Here are some fun tips and tricks for bike safety!

 According to “exchange.aaa.com” here are some ways to stay safe and healthy.

  • ALWAYS WEAR YOUR HELMET! If you fall it will help keep you from getting injured.
  • Do not wear headphones while riding.
  • Keep both hands on the handlebars, except when signaling.
  • Keep both feet on pedals.
  • In a group, ride single-file, with the flow of traffic.
  • Wear a brightly colored helmet and retro-reflective material on your clothing.
  • Use the correct hand signals for making turns.

There are your tips. To stay safe, bikers and drivers need to be aware of their surroundings!