Vaux’s Swifts Hindered by Smoke, Still Try to Migrate

The skies above the Clay Place chimney have been filled with smoke since Tuesday, greatly affecting the migration journey of the Vaux’s swifts.  Normally, at this time, thousands of swifts would be occupying the chimney nightly to rest and keep warm as they migrate from North America to Central America. However, due to the heavy Continue Reading

Northwest Kidney Kids: Doing great things for kids!

Sign up NOW for the fun run tomorrow! This fundraising drive features the “Strut Your Kidney” Fun Run at Umpqua Sand & Gravel @ 9am on Sept. 20. Devree Guido is a fierce, 7-year-old girl from Roseburg who is trying to raise awareness and funds for Northwest Kidney Kids (NWKK). She has now raised Continue Reading

Putting the Fun into Functional

Attic transformed into practical learning space. Jill Kraack, former child development specialist for Fullerton IV Elementary School, has transformed her home’s attic into a virtual learning place. She created a workspace for her two children Rylee and Hudson to participate in Comprehensive Distance Learning. “When creating this space my mission was to mainly use things Continue Reading